9th Annual

Taste of the Caribbean
& Jerk Festival

Free Admission

Saturday, August 2, 2014
1pm to 11pm

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza
in Hartford

A band plays instruments and sing on stage


When two or more get together to knock
Back a drink or two -neat or with a chaser,
And the tongue start a waddling
you know that there will
Be a bacchanal in no time

When he just so fine that he pretty
Or he just so smooth that the words just
Penetrate deep within
You know that there is a bacchanal written
On the wall ah coming

When she feel she is all that
And she push up her mouth
Move her hands in that kinda of way
And feel that she don't smell
You know bacchanal is all over her
Some day some time

When you have a party
And two belonging to the same
Shows up - for real! Without invite too.
You know that definitely
A bacchanal about to happen
So move out the way

When you're feeling tired
And you need to release some stress
You put on those dancing shoes
That flying outfit maybe no undies
Wine up on something dutty
And have a hell of night Bacchanaling

When that man just wouldn't leave you alone
But you know it can be devishly good
Always in your face
Messing with your equilibrium
That's when you shake your head
And say nuh nuff Bacchanal with that, and run!

The greeks may know it drinking
But we Caribbean people know
That when the music hit our brain
Tired or not it's just in our blood
We just jump up, we just wine up
We just roll controlled or not
We just start a bacchanal

On a Friday night
Back home
You that corner lyme
Bread and 2 in Barbados
Jerk in JA
Goat water in Montserrat
Roti in Trinidad
Lo Me in GT
Cassava in St. Lucia
BBQ pigtail or
Fried fry
Or chicken
Money in your hand
Good sounds playing
And everyone lubricate
With spirit in a glass or bottle
Dominoes banging
Mellee spreading, tory spawning
Nuff dirty happening
Island Bacchanal commencing

So on August 6th
When Calypso Rose sing Fire Fire
Or Acton is tight or that one with tempo
On the Riverfront
Island food
Island people and
One leg or two
Exercise the hips
Let go yes just let it go
Cause we are go have
A Bacchanal in Hartford