Amandla Band:
The AMANDLA POWERLINK CD RELEASE PARTY @ THE BUTTONWOOD TREE PRESS RELEASE The Buttonwood Tree welcomes Amandla, an original roots reggae ensemble moving and shaking the hearts and hips of listeners along the East Coast and around the world. Amandla features five internationally renowned reggae artists: YahKali, Ras Iba, Toussaint the Liberator, Tuff Lion, and Burnie T. This collaboration of seasoned musicians brings the culture of roots reggae music into a whole new light. While staying true to the foundation of roots reggae, Amandla incorporates a variety of famed musical styles ranging from lover’s rock and soul to jazz and world music that meld into an uplifting chorus of rhythms to which your body can’t stop moving.
YahKali, founder of Amandla and the nonprofit organization Amandla Awethu Africa (, is a reggae veteran of 15 years who has performed around the world, moving audiences with his thought-provoking lyrics, soothing voice and ground shaking bass lines. Legendary lead guitarist and lyrical poet, Tuff Lion, has produced 20 plus albums contributing to his status of long-standing pioneer in St. Croix’s roots-renaissance movement, having worked with well-known artists such as Midnite and Niyorah while touring throughout the world. Hailing from the island of Dominica, Amandla’s drummer, Burnie T, often called reggae’s Barry White, enraptures listeners with his sweet, yet poignant songs of love. Another front man from the St. Croix reggae camp, Ras Iba, is an empowering lyricist with high energy whose gift of song resounds throughout the nations. Toussaint the Liberator with his husky tenor that is the epitome of soul has toured worldwide, sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Isaac Hayes, the Rolling Stones, John Legend and Dave Matthews Band. On Friday June 15th Amandla will announce the release of its debut album, POWERLINK, performing at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown kicking off their tour of the Northeast. POWERLINK, embodies Amandla’s message of unity, spiritual awakening and the power of love. This unique and intimate performance from a roots-reggae powerhouse is sure to capture you in a wave of inspiration that won’t let go. This new anthology of reggae rhythms and explosive performances is sure to have you declaring Amandla, Awethu! (Power to the People)