Heart pounding, butterflies out of control, Terry Gajraj paced back & forth nervously backstage at the Brightstar Productions “Indo- Caribbean Show” in Toronto, Canada. Terry was about to share the stage for the very first time with many of his Idols to sing in front of 8,000 eager fans. This moment forever changed his life. “When I stepped on that stage, I felt like I was struck by lightning,” recalls the artist who was representing Guyana at the All Star Concert. “I had that aha moment of OMG! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life!”

Terry never stopped, he is now regarded as Guyana’s Most Recorded Artiste with over 30 Albums and hundreds of songs. He has dominated the Guyanese music scene for the past 25 years. He released his debut Album ” Soca Lambada” in 1990 but it was “Guyana Baboo” in 1994 that established him as a household name & propelled him to International acclaim. As a son of the soil, Terry is the most toured artiste to emerge out of Guyana & whose success in promoting Guyanese Music & Culture around the world remains unmatched. Terry is the first singer from the Caribbean to perform at the Bollywood Music Awards, the Indian equivalent of the Grammys.

Terry Gajraj grew up in Fyrish Village, Guyana . As a poor country boy, he had no TV in his home, so his only entertainment was learning to play every single musical instrument he could get his hands on. Having no TV was a blessing in disguise. Dance-inspiring Soca Chutney rhythms and a knack for Guyanese lyrics have made the charismatic Terry Gajraj one of Guyana’s most successful vocalists. That poor country boy is now an International Star who has made an indelible mark on the musical history of Guyana.