The Hartford Steel Symphony has been providing musical enjoyment throughout New England since 1989. Their musical genre consists of calypso, reggae, pop, classical, gospel, R&B, and jazz set to an island rhythm to stay in touch with their historical roots hailing from the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Throughout their musical journey they have had the opportunity to perform with a number of renowned artists, such as the great panist Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and The Hartford Symphony the symphonic orchestra. They have hosted a number of events such as the showing
of the Buckley Mansion with presence of Katherine Hepburn, a charity event for battered women hosted by Bernadette Peters, homecoming events for our soldiers at West over Base. Participated in the UCONN Championship parades, Hartford First Night, Taste of the Caribbean
and have taken part in multiple private parties, and various other musical and street festivals throughout New England.
Community performances are a priority for the band and stand at the top for the bands activities. They provide musical presentations and instruction to the community youth throughout the school year and also summer programs.
All under the direction of their captain, Kelvin Griffith, who is the arranger, tuner and makes the

Most Recently, The Hartford Steel Symphony was honored by the Secretary of the State, The Attorney General, and the GHI for their commitment in preserving the culture in the community through the performing arts.